LunarPunk Labs

Evolving syntropic practice


About Us

We're Fluid

Our direction remains open to change. Our tech stack is flexible, which enables us to iterate quickly and pivot whenever needed.

We're Human

We’re experienced practitioners in human-centric design. We build local first solutions and generalized software that can scale.

We're intelligent

We harness the power of networked thought from within the Hackalong network. Knowledge without borders from collaborators far and wide.

We’re an Open Innovation Lab.

We design, innovate and implement custom soloutions and business logic.


With deep experience in decentralized and distributed computing, we can filter the signal through the noise.

Machine learning

We take a qualitative approach first and quantitative second. We are data literate and can combine blockchain and AI.


Venture into the unknown with humble guides. We’re good at simplifying R&D so let’s start a conversation - what do you need?

Bespoke products

Custom business logic according to your needs. We build on cutting edge technology and opensource building blocks.

Creative and composed

Grounded in nature we find great creative depth. Our stories are important so let’s reach for the stars and not just satellites!

Start a project with us

Our Services


Speak to the creative collective and find a design scientist who understands the right questions to elucid from you to shape your project.


End to end distributed application development - discuss, design, deploy… and keep iterating! We embody principles of simplicity oriented design.

Pedagogical work

We learn by doing and can teach teams how to move faster by adopting new patterns and practices that create space for emergent knowledge and deep work.

Medicine & Animals

Sometimes its best to just speak with people that know your industry. We can point you to effective facilitators familiar in navigating more regulated industries.

Energy & Aviation

There are many sectors we can work across but in particular, we have a strong knowledge base around the electricity and aviation industries.

Physical Internet

Self-owning objects - cars, trucks, shipping containers, houses, internet of things and all flavors of secure internet identity AKA “digital twins”.